Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine

Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine


Traditional Acupuncture 

Acupuncture we offer is classical constitutional 5-element approach.  This approach offers a central approach to refocus the ambitions and emotional habit, freeing up internal divisions that block natural intelligence from correcting bodily function.  We use Japanese Meridian therapy and Indian Polarity approaches as well when complementing different specialist and treatment plans.

Ayurvedic Medicine & Naturopathy

Ayurvedic Medicine finds 85% of chronic diseases to be rooted in the gut ecology and emotional habit.  By using the lens of individual constitution, this approach helps tailor the approaches to avoid likely adverse effects and symptomatic treatments that are dependent on continual medicines.

The tradition also has a well-developed statistical and systematic analysis of medicaments and procedures to correct disease states and support resilient, healthy functioning.  In our clinic, we currently use the EIE program to correct the underlying factors that maintain disease dysregulations.  We also use herbal combinations, and occasional fasting programs, that target organ systems, promote tissue healing, and foster communication in the body.  Our goal is to develop an residential Panchakarma clinic outside of surburban life, where people can get respite and reset the resolve to live with clearer purpose for themselves and the world.  

Traditional Acupuncture Care- 1st visit $175, followups $100 Musculoskeletal Acupuncture 1st visit $125, follow-ups $40-$100 Ayurvedic consultation - integrated with EIE programs