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Arthritis Doctor Columbia, MD

Arthritis Doctor Columbia, MDArthritis can be debilitating to live with, and you may benefit from visiting with an arthritis doctor Columbia, MD relies on from Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab to explore your treatment options. Depending on your situation and the severity of your arthritis you may have multiple treatment options to consider and review with your doctor. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a consultation to begin your healing journey, ask questions, and learn more about our arthritis treatments.

Common Arthritis Treatments

There are multiple treatments for arthritis that can be combined in various ways by your Columbia arthritis doctor to create a unique treatment plan specifically for you. Reviewing treatment plans with your doctor will allow you to be a part of creating a treatment plan that will work for you and make you a part of the decision making process. 

  • Nutrition

Your nutrition can play an important role in your overall health and wellbeing, as well as your healing treatment from arthritis. There may be certain foods and diets that your doctor will recommend you either add or remove from your diet in order to reduce inflammation, promote health, increase hydration, and more. There can be many health benefits from following a specific diet, and your doctor will discuss this with you as part of your treatment plan.

  • Therapy
    There are multiple therapies that can be helpful for treating arthritis, such as physical therapy for increasing joint mobility and muscle strength. Depending on the location and severity of your arthritis there are therapeutic exercises that can be included in your treatment plan to help you move with less pain and restore your quality of life.
  • Medication

Depending on your particular arthritis situation, medication may be an option to consider as part of your treatment to reduce pain and help with your healing. Your doctor can explain the various medications that could be a good fit for you to combine with your other treatments.

  • Procedures

For some patients medical procedures may be necessary to treat their arthritis, and this would be thoroughly discussed with the arthritis doctor. Some find the idea of a procedure overwhelming or daunting, but your doctor will ensure that you feel comfortable with the procedure and understand the benefits of going through the procedure.

Call an Arthritis Doctor Today

There is no reason to wait to seek medical advice and treatment from a Columbia arthritis doctor. Receiving an evaluation from one of our doctors will be your first step in moving forward with a treatment plan. Even if you have not been officially diagnosed with arthritis you can visit with one of our doctors from Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab to be evaluated and get a diagnosis. Once you’ve met with a doctor you will be able to begin a treatment plan and improve your quality of life. You don’t have to continue living in pain. Call us today to schedule a consultation and begin considering your options and next steps.