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Chiropractor Columbia, MDFor many patients the benefits of visiting a chiropractor Columbia, MD turns to when they are in pain are hard to count or fully describe. There are multiple types of pains and ailments that a chiropractor can treat, more than you may even be aware of. At Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab we treat patients like you and would like the opportunity to serve you with chiropractic treatment. Give us a call today to schedule an initial consultation and start your journey towards healing and recovery.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are many benefits from being treated by a Columbia chiropractor that can also be yours when you visit one of our chiropractors. From physical benefits to mental health improvements, you may be surprised at how beneficial it could be for you. Below are some of the benefits that you may experience after your chiropractic treatments. 

  • Pain Relief

Many patients who seek out chiropractic treatment are in pain in some area of their body, and often they have been experiencing this pain for some time. With chiropractic treatment it is common to have relief from pain over the course of your treatment plan and appointments. 

  • Body Alignment

There are many things that can get a person’s body out of proper alignment which can lead to pain and other health issues. Some occupations or lifestyles may make you more susceptible to body misalignment and in need of experienced chiropractic care.

  • Mental Health Improvements

Living in pain is hard to deal with mentally and emotionally. When that pain you’ve been dealing with for days, weeks, months, or sometimes even years begins to recede it is likely you will have better moods and a more positive outlook on life since you no longer have to deal with the pain. It would not be unusual for you to feel lighter and like a weight has been lifted off of you every time you think about how you are no longer experiencing pain on a daily basis.

  • Improvement of Quality of Life

Living in pain or with other health issues can make it hard to do the activities you enjoy and fully live your life. With the professional care of an experienced chiropractor from Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab you can get the treatment you need to live your life to the fullest and do the things you love.

  • Insurance Covered

It is not uncommon for chiropractic treatment to be covered by medical insurance either in part or in whole. If this is the case for you, it will make your treatment attainable, and you can find out by checking your benefits with your provider so that you will know what is covered and how much.




Improved Digestion
As a chiropractor Columbia, MD patients rely on at Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab explains, dysfunction of the nervous system can be at the root of chronic digestive issues. This dysfunction may start in the thoracic area of the spinal column. The middle section of our back has nerves which are responsible for sending signals to the gut. These nerves inform the stomach on how much acid to generate and how quickly or slowly the intestines should move food down its tract. When there are problems with these signals, it can cause overproduction or underproduction of stomach acids, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. An adjustment of the thoracic spine can reduce symptoms, and may eliminate them entirely. If you have digestive symptoms, consider reaching out to our clinic for more information about how chiropractic care can help.

Enhanced Breathing
Just like other parts in our body, the function of the lungs is regulated by the nervous system. The middle area of our back houses nerves that send signals to the lungs. When these nerves are impeded in some way, asthma and breathing problems can develop. By adjusting the thoracic spine, it can reduce asthma symptoms and help people breathe easier. As a Columbia chiropractor knows, hindered breathing can be uncomfortable, and at times concerning. If you have asthma or other breathing related issues, chiropractic care may be able to provide the relief you are looking for.

Increased Energy
The mental and physical stresses of everyday life can eventually take a toll on our musculoskeletal system. Constant tightness and minor aches may go unnoticed for a while, but then these symptoms can worsen overtime. Body symptoms can be the reason why someone struggles to get a good night sleep or why they always feel fatigued and worn down. By getting regular chiropractic adjustments, joints can move as they need to and the nervous system can function at its best. When the spine is in alignment, the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and back won’t undergo as much strain. Patients may be surprised to see just how great they feel after only one chiropractic session.

Stronger Immune System
The immune system is regulated by certain cells that identify and eliminate invaders like bacteria and viruses. The nervous system regulates these cells, and studies show that those who receive regular chiropractic care get fewer colds compared to those that don’t. The reason for this is because when the spine is properly aligned, the nervous system doesn’t have any hindrances, and the immune system can remain strong. If you are frustrated by how frequently you get sick, then consider making an appointment with a Columbia chiropractor to help boost your immunity.

Lower Blood Pressure
Those with high blood pressure may not realize they are suffering from this condition until it is too late. Every person must visit their doctor once a year so that their blood pressure can be checked. If you have rising blood pressure, you may want to think about implementing chiropractic care into your care plan. There is a specific chiropractic adjustment technique that has shown to help balance blood pressure. This approach works with atlas vertebrae, which is the highest vertebrae that the neck and skull sits on. Misalignment of this area can impact the vertebral artery and result in nerve irritation in the body.

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There are so many reasons for you to give chiropractic treatment a try with a Columbia chiropractor from Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab, give us a call today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your treatment needs!

Common Questions About Chiropractic Treatment 

Anytime something is new it is expected that you will have some questions and not be completely sure about what to expect. It is a good idea to get answers directly from your Columbia chiropractor at Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab, but in the meantime, we will answer some of the questions that may be on your mind. When you speak with an experienced chiropractor from our office you will get the information that you need to feel comfortable with your treatment and determine what will be a good fit for you and your healing. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule your initial appointment.

  • Will it hurt?
    This is a real concern for many people and can even keep them from seeing a chiropractor at all. Although some patients say that certain adjustments cause discomfort during the appointment, the goal is for the treatment to result in reduced pain, but your body may need to continue to heal and settle into the adjustment before it feels less painful. At any point during your appointment or treatment, make sure that you feel comfortable telling your chiropractor that you’re feeling too much discomfort so that they can adjust the treatment as needed for you and your body. 
  • Are there any side effects?
    In general, no, there are no side effects to chiropractic treatment, which makes it an attractive method of treatment to at least try for many patients. It is not uncommon to have some soreness after treatments, but that quickly fades and leaves most patients feeling much better with their bodies feeling more aligned and comfortable with reduced pain. For any questions about possible side effects, it is recommended to talk directly with your Columbia chiropractor. 
  • What is the chiropractic treatment method?
    The method for chiropractic treatment is a natural approach that avoids the use of medications and surgeries. Chiropractic treatment seeks to treat the underlying issue that is causing your ailment or pain rather than treat the symptoms. Our goal is to support the body in its natural functions and healing process. 
  • What does a chiropractor treat?
    A chiropractor from our office can treat many things, such as pain in muscles or joints, misalignments, aches from pregnancy or aging, and much more. If you think that a chiropractor may be able to help you with your health issue or pain, don’t hesitate to ask an experienced chiropractor from our office about treatment options. There is never any harm in asking and trying out chiropractic treatment!

No matter what your health or injury situation is, there is no need to wait to talk with a Columbia chiropractor from our office at Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab. We will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions, discuss your treatment options, perform an evaluation, go over your medical history, and more. During your initial appointment, you will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions and voice any concerns that you may have. Call us today to schedule your initial appointment and get started on your healing journey!

Chiropractic Treatments and Work Injuries

A Columbia, MD chiropractor understands that injuries to the back and neck can be particularly troublesome due to the recurring or persistent pain and discomfort that comes with them. It is not uncommon for injured employees to seek additional assistance coping with this pain by consulting a chiropractor. However, some employees may be hesitant to take on such expenses if they will not be covered along with their medical expenses under workers’ compensation.

What exactly does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats conditions arising from the neuromusculoskeletal system and focuses on treatment through manual manipulation and adjustment of the patient’s spine and muscles. A chiropractor is not a medical doctor, although chiropractors are referred to as doctors of chiropractic. While some people are skeptical of chiropractic treatments, they are often favored by others because of their non-chemical and non-surgical approach to pain relief and management.

Are chiropractic treatments covered under workers’ compensation?

Through workers’ compensation, an employer covers all of an employee’s medical expenses that are deemed to be reasonable and necessary when the employee suffers a work-related injury. Chiropractic care may be covered through workers’ compensation as long as it is considered reasonable and necessary to treat an injured worker’s injuries. In some cases, the employer may try to limit the number of times the employee can keep returning to a chiropractor on the grounds that the treatment is unnecessary.

Do I need a recommendation for chiropractic treatments?

While not required, it is sometimes better for an employee if the chiropractic care they seek is recommended by their primary physician. This is because it may support the claim that the treatment is medically necessary. Generally speaking, a medical opinion from a licensed physician as to the extent of an employee’s neck and back injuries carries more weight than that of a chiropractor. Therefore, it may be wise for an employee to seek a combination of care from both a medical doctor and a Columbia chiropractor.

Workers should bear in mind that even though chiropractors are not medical doctors, they can count as one of the doctors an injured worker is limited to without a referral under the workers’ compensation law. Because a primary care physician can treat more than neck and back pain, it often makes sense to visit a primary care physician and get a referral to the chiropractor if the doctor feels it will aid in the treatment.

Have you been injured?

If you have been hurt at work and are dealing with painful injuries, a Columbia chiropractor may be able to provide relief without using invasive treatments. Call Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab to schedule a consultation and find out what type of treatments may be available for you.

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