Integrative Medical Rehab


Integrative Medical Rehab for Chronic Conditions

Most insurances, including Medicare & Medicaid, cover the basic rehab and medical visits of services below.
The Programs listed below have the option of including Integrative Medicine component of services. The EIE Program listed below is our core Integrative Medicine program that incurs a cash charge that is not covered by insurance.

Post-Stroke, Heart, or Respiratory Illness

Whether you are coming home from the hospital, or you've been bedbound at home, getting back to normal life can be tough. We're here to make that easier and much more successful.
For those without benefits for integrative services, or if you run out of traditional benefits and need to finish a seasonal program of care, we may arrange group treatment sessions at reduced rate for participants.
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Memory, Movement, and Parkinson's Programs

Whether you are concerned about recent or more long-term memory changes, we can help you get a handle on your neurocognitive health.
Movement issues can be debilitating. We have programs to work against decline and build the skills to keep moving through the day with a sense of dignity and control.
Using functional medicine, nutritional IVs, & microbiome repair work, we can make a difference in as little as one season.
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Women's Health -- MindBody & Hormonal Balance

Sometimes it's hard to tell what the problem. And sometimes they are truly wound together so intimately, a handful of supplements only gives slight improvements to the same pattern of discomfort, fragility, irritability, or even issues with infertility.
Our approach works on quelling the common sources of hormonal dysregulations while supporting hormonal flux naturally. An of course using traditional therapies to support healthy habits in daily life.
WIth hormone balancing we use conservative, short-term approach as we correct the underlying problems. We use pharmacy-produced, plant-based creams to get you relief and train your body to cycle smoothly again.
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Seasonal Programs for Chronic Illness

"What you eat" and "What you do"
Modern science is finally uncovering "microbiome signatures" associated with various diseases from throughout all specialties of Medicine. Generally posted as "novel findings" research, even long-COVID has now been linked with particular microbiome patterns.
We actually have more bacteria in our gut than we have cells in our entire body. The gut flora(collection of microbes) is its own ecosystem running through the middle of us: delivering nutrients and minerals, ushering away wastes, and sometimes causing irritation and inflammation.
Of course, we also process and improve how well we adapt to the challenges and opportunities of life. The mental and emotional factors also hold a central axis with "a well-running body". Doctors and physiologist know this as the gut-brain axis. Our programs hold the axis as we enter people's experience of health, using therapies that can improve functioning in mind and body.
Our Entero-Immuno-Endocrinology Approach(EIE)
Ayurvedic medical science similarly asserts that root causes of disease are in the climate of gut and one's emotional attachments. For ordinary life that is the quality of our food and of our family/relational life.
Mind and body affect each other so intimately. And Ayurvedic natural therapies aim to help address both as they are amenable to improvement.
With Ayurvedic treatment previously, we relied on more strict dietary, fasting, and herbal programs. Dr DV's EIE programs carefully address microbiome repair, harnessing the speed and precision of lab technology to more quickly affect the rooting and branching of disease processes.
The EIE approach corrects the source of immune and hormonal dysregulations within the gut ecology. We then use Functional Medicine support to anchor the improvements through the season.
The mental-emotional, or "stress axis" usually responds well to acupuncture, counseling or coaching. We provide a foundation of this integrally, but like with the body, professional treatment goes a long way, a lot faster.
And most importantly, treatment naturally reinforces your focus and habits.

Seasonal Programs Overview:

Seasonal Program Timing
Month 1 is focused on organizing treatment plan for your condition. We consult about your health issues, complete lab anaylsis that "grows out" the living layer in your GI tract. Other labs assess the impact on immune response, hormones, and organ systems. We also organize and begin any supportive therapies and gather medications.
Month 2 we meet to clarify the daily plan and adjust meds/treatments to give symptomatic support.
Month 3 we assess progress and make any adjustments or begin to pull back medicines that are no longer needed.

More simple conditions are usually better after a season, and older conditions may take additional Seasonal programs. And when rebuilding from complex disorders, sometimes it is smarter to pause for a season, letting the body and mind get used to a different climate.

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Program Costs:
We do offer discounted packages for therapeutic services that do not have insurance coverage for during your Seasonal Program.
$450-$500 is what most patients have due on the day of 1st visit payable to PIM&R.

1st visit fees includes:   $200 consult fee and $250 Seasonal Program retainer to get labs ordered, plan in motion, and monthly Integrative EIE followups. The additional variable amount above is estimation based on most insurance co-pays/co-insurances/deductibles for the Internal Medicine component.

Note:  We are not providing primary care services, though Integrative EIE Medicine services do require Internal Medicine considerations. We charge insurance for the Internal Medicine component, and the fees above for the Integrative EIE Medicine component.

Additional Seasonal Programs, within the year, are renewed $250.
Associated Costs:

More involved cases, or those requiring regular consultation may require monthly retainer of $850.

Monthly medicines & supplements are typically $200-$400/month, coming down as improvements show up over the season.

Additional lab charge depend on individual insurance coverage, and typically range from $125-950, paid directly to laboratories.


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General Categories of Chronic Conditions

amenable to EIE Seasonal Programs

Rheumatoid & Psoriasis
Hashimoto's hypothyroidism
Scleroderma and Sarcoidosis
Coronary and Pulmonary conditions
Resistant Sinus & Skin conditions
Fibromyalgia, pain, insomnia, and fatigue
BPH, incontinence & erectile dysfunction

Many other persistent conditions as well.


Nature can work with great power to correct and heal.

Let's see what a season of focused care can do!