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Physical Therapist Columbia, MD

Physical Therapist Columbia, MDThere are many reasons why a person may need to work with a physical therapist Columbia, MD relies on from Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab. Some of the reasons are accident injury recovery, sports injuries, muscle motion loss, aging muscles, and more. Whatever the reason, if you think you could benefit from physical therapy don’t hesitate to speak with one of our therapists in a consultation. Contact us to schedule your consultation. Physical therapy has a positive reputation for being beneficial for many people and could do you good. 

Types of Physical Therapy

There are multiple types of therapy that you may need to consider with your Columbia physical therapist to see which therapy will be beneficial for you and your body’s needs. You therapist will determine the treatment plan you need specifically for your body and healing. Our therapists are experienced and trained in working with patients with an array of backgrounds and injuries and can help you too with your healing journey.

  • Sports Therapy

There are multiple reasons to seek sports therapy, such as due to a stress injury, a collision injury, a broken bone, pulled muscle, and more. Depending on your type of injury or sports therapy need, your therapist will compile a unique treatment plan specific to you that includes exercises and stretches that will help to improve your body and assist in your healing process. 

  • Accident Injury Therapy

After being involved in some kind of an accident it is not uncommon to experience pain and injuries that require physical therapy in order to restore the body’s movements and abilities to as close as possible to how it was before the accident. Experienced therapists know how to work with these patients and create a physical therapy treatment plan specifically for that patient.

  • Therapy for Elderly

As we age, muscles begin to work less effectively which can cause pain and loss of motion. Working with a physical therapist on this specifically can help elderly patients improve their range of motion, reduce pain, and increase their quality of life. 

  • Muscle and Joint Therapy

Range of motion for joints, muscles, and tendons can be thrown off and need to be adjusted. With physical therapy exercises specifically designed to improve movement patients can see improvement in their personal movement and range of motion. 

Call a Therapist Today

Whether you’ve been involved in an accident, over-stressed a muscle, have a pain when you move a certain way, or more something else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab to schedule a consultation. During your initial consultation your Columbia physical therapist will ask you questions, review any other medical paperwork you have, evaluate your physical abilities and injuries, and more so that they can begin to put together your treatment plan and schedule your next appointments. Call us today to schedule your appointment and start your journey of healing and improving your movement, strength, and quality of life.