Columbia Arthritis Knee Pain Doctor

Arthritis Knee Pain Doctor Columbia, MD

Elderly woman trying to stand is experiencing knee pain and needs to call an Arthritis Knee Pain Doctor Columbia, MDWhen you have experienced knee pain as a result of arthritis, you may be ready to seek help from a Columbia, MD arthritis knee pain doctor. There are many different options to help your knee pain and when you go in for a consultation at Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab, they may have different recommendations, including physical therapy. Many people think you can really only get physical therapy when you have had surgery. Physical therapy helps you to recover, get back on your feet, and then you’re done. This is not the case, however. You can use physical therapy as one of your many forms of treatment and your doctor can walk you through which movements will be beneficial for your knee pain and what you can do to help at home.

What kind of role do I play in physical therapy? 

Your role in physical therapy is just as important as the role your Columbia arthritis knee pain doctor will play. It all starts with your first consultation.

  • Bring in your medical history and records to discuss your arthritis. How long have you noticed pain? What relieves it? How debilitating is it? Does it come and go?
  • What kind of treatment have you gotten for it? Do you take pain medication? Have you seen other doctors? What treatment options are you considering in the future?
  • How open are you to different techniques? Will you perform your physical therapy exercises at home as instructed?

You may think that you just need to give physical therapy effort while you are in our office, but it is more far-reaching than that. If you are not willing to commit to the moves your doctor recommends at home, you will not be able to experience the recovery that is possible for your knee pain arthritis. For your physical therapy to be successful, you need to meet us halfway when it comes to the moves and the techniques we design for you.

Other Techniques To Do At Home

In addition to movements and exercises, there are other techniques you can do at home to help with your arthritis. This includes:

  • Gentle movements. Do not sit for more than 30 minutes at a time if you can help it. Gentle movements can help to lubricate your knee joint and can help alleviate pain and swelling.
  • Wearing the right shoes. Ask us about what kinds of shoes you can wear to best support you when you are up and around.
  • Learn proper posture. The way you stand can affect your knees. Learn ways to stand comfortably to help reduce your pain.

We believe the relationship you have with your body is unique to you. When you have arthritis in your knees, it can feel like it won’t get any better. This does not have to be the case. Instead, reach out to Patapsco Integrative Medicine & Rehab to see how we can help you. Learn more about our Columbia arthritis knee pain doctor today by scheduling a consultation.