Personalized Programs for:

Chronic Disease Reversal

Musculoskeletal Medicine & Rehab

Occupational Therapy


Relief. Repair. Recovery.

Integrative Musculoskeletal Clinic

Whether due to sport or injury/accident, overuse or even neglect, we see all kinds of aches, pain, stiffness, tingling, weakness, or even just unexplainable "feeling off".
Our Integrative Programs are personalized to your condition and situation. Our clinic provides Consultation(1st/2nd), Imaging & Treatment by specialists in acupuncture, osteopathy, occupational therapy, chiropractic & musculoskeletal medicine.
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Return. Renewal. Revival.

Integrative Medical Rehab Clinic

Has Hospital event like stroke, heart attack, or pneumonia weakened you? Family member having Parkinsonism, early focus problems, stress overload?
Maybe someone you know snores, can't keep awake in the day, or can't use the CPAP well for apnea?
Our programs bring you into the mix, and can change daily life considerably!
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Release. Rebalance. Resolve.

Chronic Conditions Clinic

Auto-immune problems, hormonal questions, mold exposures, food sensitivities? Digestive or neurologic diseases making life tough? Even persistent sinus and skin conditions that are not responding to treatment? We help many people with multiple symptoms, even outside their "primary diagnosis".
Biomedicine & Ayurvedic Medicine remind us that the ecology living among us, inside our gut, is far more impactual than is appreciated. Dr. DV's EIE approach of gut microbiome and endocrine balancing is an emerging specialty that we find is transformative to chronic disease processes.
Our seasonal programs change the ecology inside us, putting out inflammatory fires and anchoring the hormones that disrupted the body's self-regulation. We use specialty laboratory verification, evidence-based and prominently natural meds, along constitutional acupuncture to anchor mind and body through this process.
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Why People Choose Us

Personalized Treatment

With many specialties and approaches, it's not about what we do, it's about building programs to fit what you need.

Therapy Goals

More than just relief, we are committed to long-lasting success. Our team treatment includes your role as well.

Experience Staff

Our team members have led in hospitals, nursing homes, massage therapy colleges, and integrative clinics. We have seen it all.

Comfortable Clinic

Professional and clean. We run UV-C lights and airborne ozone to work against infective agents like COVID-19.