Musculoskeletal Medicine & Rehab


Integrative Musculoskeletal Care


We offer full-service musculoskeletal medical and rehab services, including advanced diagnosis & treatment.

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Low Back, Sciatic & Disc Problems?
Knee "giving way" and stiff?
Tough moving due to a "catch" in your neck?
Pain from poor posture?
Take care of things while it's easier to rehab and conditions don't lock down!


Plantar, Achilles & Heel Spur Relief   
Carpal Tunnel & other Neuropathies
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Featured Programs


Knee, Shoulder & Ankle Joint Rescue & Renewal

Sick of daily knee stiffness and pain just doing normal things?!?

We specialize in stopping the damage and rescuing you from persistent pain.  Our customized programs move in phases as you are able to do more.... and knee surfaces begin to heal. 

Once you graduate to stable daily function, we offer Prolotherapy (tightening with sugar and salt injections) and PRP (signalling with your own blood cells) options to naturally tighten and repair the joint for lasting relief.  We sometimes use stem cell as well, yet we reserve expensive procedures for when your mechanics are properly prepared and results will last.

We have lead hundreds of patients back to normal function, even after they were told surgery is the only option!

Arthritis, Injury & Sport Care

Injuries are usually simple, and Nature heals, until it doesn't.  Trust your body to the professionals.  Even with symptoms mostly gone, you risk arthritic changes if you do not get thorough correction and healing.   We have expertise on a variety of injuries and highly-trained eyes and hands to assess the condition.

Using live ultrasound allows us to pick up more minor conditions or tears, hidden from even MRI.  Using natural injections and acupuncture, we are able to get more complete recovery and return to full performance.

You get the convenience of all services under one roof, and just one co-pay!

Accident & Personal Injury Care

Having an accident can mean putting up with weeks of bodyaches and headaches.  Not only that, the inconvenience and cost of adding therapy in and having to handle insurance claims steals more time and focus.  We partner with experienced, reputable attorneys to make the process easy and seamless.

If you have more intense conditions like pinched nerves, we have unique skills with acupuncture reflexes and bracing that can usually avoid spinal injections.  If a short course of steriods, anti-inflammatories, or muscle relaxers is in order to get you basic relief, we've got you covered.

If you are recovering quickly after a few weeks, we can adapt treatment frequency.  If you have "time off" limitations, we can adapt our visits to get more expanded, advanced treatments at each visit.

Get you back to work and home life quickly as possible is our goal!


Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, & Neuropathies

Sometimes extremity pains, skin pain, testicular pain, and various other nerve distributions pains are confounding for neurologic specialists and surgeons, resulting in "exploratory" tests and procedures.  Many times the simple factors are overlooked.

Osteopathic assessment and treatment is the most comprehensive in the physiotherapy world.   We tease out the spinal versus local components of entrapment, and this can avoid unnecessary surgery.  These manual therapy specialty treatments are less costly, painful, and inconvenient than nerve conduction and EMG studies.

While we aim to free nerves as naturally as possible, sometimes saline, trigger point, and oxygen injections are needed to directly free restictions and laminations of fascia around nerves.

Plantar Fasciitis, Heel spurs & Shin Splints

We find plantar fasciitis and heel spur diagnoses are quickly given to explain heel and foot pain.

If you've had a diagnosis and ineffective treatment, we may be able to help.  We find, many times, there are more functional problems that are causing referral pain or pulling from problems further up the leg, and sometimes hip and low back.

We are experts at finding and treating trigger point and tendon sheath dysfunctions.  Our 6 week program systematically clarifies diagnosis, including any x-ray, MRI, and in-office ultrasound.  Tracking changes, we usually get people stepping easy in the mornings and after work!

Rheumatoid & Auto-immmune Conditions

These conditions usually have gut microbiome disturbances that are amenable to improving or resolving with our featured EIE program.

We help the body safely begin to work again and usually have areas of stagnacy in the joints, nerves, and muscles that respond well to gentle neuromuscluar therapies and oxygen injections.

Physical Therapy & Chiropractic  *  Osteopathy  *  Occupational Therapy  *  Rehabilitative Bracing
Natural Medicine Injections  *  Acupuncture, Cupping & GuaSha  *  Massage & Acupressure
Prolotherapy  *  Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP)  *
Note that plant-based injections, oxygen, PRP, stem cell, and homeopathics are not FDA-approved for musculoskeletal uses.